Why Music Brings People Together

Music has always had the ability to bring people together over time.  It has healed peoples hatred for another and has moved nations.  Music’s power is in its ability to move emotions.  This is still to me one of the most powerful ways to touch our senses.  It can release stress from a long day at work and also put a smile on my face.  To me music is life and I am hear to share with you my love of music and harmony.  This is my first official post and would love to get your feedback.

Music Brings People Together

Different Types of Music for Everyone

I love so many different types of music and it depends on the mood I am in which makes me decide on what to listen to.  If I am angry then I will probably listen to rap music or heavy metal.  If I am working out, it will be to some type of EDM mix.  I am sure this is somewhat true for everyone even though most people have a particular type of music they enjoy listening to.  We live in an amazing time where we have the ability to listen to so many different types of music.

Diversity is what makes music and our planet one of the most amazing things.  Each person has a different way of expressing themselves and music is such a fantastic outlet for doing so.  Everyday, I see someone in a new way performing music.  When I was a child growing up, I learned how to play the french horn.  I joined a band and enjoyed all the music I got to play.  As soon as marching band was available I started playing there as well.  Today, I see students playing music through keyboards and turntables.  There are so many different ways to play beautiful sounds and that is what makes music more and more unique, diversity.

The Power of Coming Together in Music

There are so many different types of music festivals these days that bring people together.  The more I attend, the more I feel a sense of unity between the people that go.  It is a magical experience if you haven’t been to one.  I have met people there that I am still friends with today.  I have met artists that have inspired me to become a better musician in my own life as well.

If you are reading this article then music has brought you here and that is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.  With diversity we have to focus on what is important to us and not what others are doing that we don’t like.  If you play an instrument or are involved in music, reach out to others.  The community is growing everyday with like minded individuals like you and the world needs your music.  If you are truly passionate about the music that you play and you get out there to share it, you will run into people that share the same passion as you.  Keep music in your heart and share it with anyone you can.

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